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New Question
Which two characteristics are advantages of the top-down approach to network design? (Choose two)

A. Generally is the fastest approach
B. The resulting design is optimized for the business requirements of the organization.
C. The designer can delay testing until the end of the project
D. The resulting design can meet both current and future requirements
E. Does not require a throuough initial need analysis

Answer: BE

New Question
Which two types of files are the most common used in APIs for programmabtlity? (Choose two.)


Answer: AE

New Question
Which advantage of using Spanning Tree Protocol is true?

A. utilizes all available uplink bandwidth
B. allows fast convergence after failure of a link or device
C. allows dual-homed servers operate in active-active mode
D. prevents network loops

Answer: D

New Question
A customer ts questioning the additional infrastructure that is needed to design a three-tiered, hierarchical network. Which feature is a benefit of the distribution layer In a traditional design?

A. creates access layer resiliency
B. isolation of faults between the access and core layers
C. extends the Layer 2 and Layer 3 boundary to the core layer
D. provides additional security services against unauthorized access

Answer: B

New Question
An engineer must build an enterprise network that can operate with a limited amount of employees. In which two ways can the engineer use the Cisco Design Lifecycle? (Choose two.)

A. Amanage
B. share
C. learn
D. operate
E. build

Answer: AC

New Question
Which type of WAN connection do you use for a low-latency application that is only available across a WAN?

A. IPsec over the Internet
C. dialup
D. unencrypted GRE over the Internet

Answer: B

New Question
A customer is deploying a centralized communications infrastructure to a small remote construction site that has sateilite-based Internet connectivity if the expected latency is about 500 ms, which description of the user experience is true?

A. minimal delay and conversation overlap
B. Phones will not complete registration to the centralized cluster
C. significant delay and conversation overlap
D. no delay or conversation overlap

Answer: D

New Question
What occurs to traffic when a Cisco APIC is removed from the data path of a Cisco ACI?

A. The fabric continues to forward the traffic.
B. The traffic is lost during convergence
C. The traffic is queued during convergence
D. The fabnc reroutes the traffic to another APIC

Answer: A

New Question
Which network size can provide six /25 subnets while wasting the smallest number of IP addresses?

A. 19
B. 16
C. 22
D. 23

Answer: D

New Question
Which feature enables the VRRP-enabled router to regain the master VRRP status upon recovery from a failure?

A. tracking
B. preemption
C. delay
D. priority

Answer: A

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. Which result is true if a client computer connects through the interface named Internal and attempts to connect to an operational tcp/443 based website?

A. A captive portal is displayed which enables guest access layer.
B. The traffic passes while alerting the logging system with the Emergencies event level.
C. The traffic passes and displays the website content.
D. The website connection times out

Answer: A

New Question
Which network element must be summarized in a multiarea OSPF deployment?

A. IP address
B. number of routes
C. communities
D. link state advertisements

Answer: A

New Question
An engineer is designing a new modular network topoiogy. What is one advantage to using a hierarchical design?

A. It supports unequal cost paths.
B. It provides additional fault tolerance.
C. It enables the network to scale.
D. It manually controls failover.

Answer: D

New Question
Based on best practices which QoS profile should be configured on the WLAN of the WLC for wireless VoIP communications?

A. Platinum
B. Bronze
C. Silver
D. Gold

Answer: A

New Question
When designing a high availability network, which option can be classified as a fault domain?

A. single power supply devices in a network design
B. nonredundant devices in the network design
C. every tier in the network design
D. collapsed core in a network design

Answer: C

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. Which action can be taken in this network design to make it more resilient?

A. Add carrier redundancy
B. Add additional Layer 2 trunks between core/distribution switches
C. Add additional Layer 2 trunks between access switches
D. Extend Layer 3 connectivity to access layer using dynamic routing protocol

Answer: A

New Question
While preparing an overview of Internet facing DMZ for a customer, a consultant must identify the functionality to be placed in the DMZ. Which two functionalities are best suited for use in a DMZ? (Choose two.)

A. enterprise NTP source
B. DDOS protection
C. remote access VPN termination
D. web load balancer
E. web security appliance

Answer: DE


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