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Exam Code: 70-482
Exam Name: Advanced Windows Store App Development Using HTML5 and JavaScript
Certification Provider: Microsoft
Corresponding Certifications: MCSD, MCSD: Windows Store Apps

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You need to attach the background task.
Which code segment should you insert at line BG09?

A.    var task = builder.setTrigger(this);
B.    var task = builder.setTrigger( );
C.    var task = builder.register ( );
D.    var task = builder.register (this);

Answer: C

You need to enable trainers to select client profiles.
Which code segment should you insert at line CD06?

A.    fop.pickMultipleFileAsync ( ). then(
B.    fop.pickFileAsync ( ). then (
C.    fop.pickSingleFileAsync ( ) .then{
D.    fop.pickSingleFile ( ).then (

Answer: C

You need to prevent the device-specific tilting exception.
What should you do in the video.js file?

A.    Insert a try statement immediately after line VD01 and a catch block immediately before
line VD08. Handle the VideoNotFound exception.
B.    Evaluate the canTilt variable. If true, bypass the code that tilts the camera.
C.    Evaluate the canTilt variable. If false, bypass the code that tilts the camera.
D.    Insert a try statement immediately after line VD01 and a catch block immediately before
line VD08. Handle the MediaNotFound exception.

Answer: C

You need to retrieve the background task collection for the iteration loop.
Which code segment should you insert at line BG14?

A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C
D.    Option D

Answer: A

You need to separate the business and complex logic into components.
Which actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)

A.    In the JavaScript code, register the handler for the extension/mime-type.
B.    In the package.appxmanifest file, create an Extensions section and register the
component .dll file.
C.    In Windows Explorer, drag the component .dll file to the project bin directory.
D.    In Microsoft Visual Studio Solution Explorer, right-click the References folder and then click
Scope to This.

Answer: AB
A: In Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and later, MIME type determination occurs in URL monikers through the FindMimeFromData method. Determining the MIME type allows URL monikers and other components to find and launch the correct object server or application to handle the associated conten
– An application that registers a background task needs to declare the feature in the application
manifest as an extension, as well as the events that will trigger the task. If you forget these steps, the registration will fail. There is no <Extensions> section in the application manifest of the Microsoft Visual Studio standard template by default, so you need to insert it as a child of the Application tag.
– You can implement Windows RunTime components for your apps, but you must register those components with the operating system for them to run correctly. To register a Windows RunTime component, you must put the registration information in the WinMD files and in the app manifest. If a project implements a Windows RunTime component, the build output of the project will contain a WinMD file. Visual Studio extracts the Windows RunTime registration information from the WinMD file and generates the appropriate Extensions elements in the app manifest.
The system supports two forms of servers: .dll servers (in-process) and .exe servers (out-of-process). These servers require similar but different registration information that must be copied into the app manifest. Visual Studio supports generating manifest only for .dll servers, and the DLLServer extension is required to register .dll servers.
The following values in the app manifest are taken from the WinMD files to construct the DLLServer Extension:
– DllPath
– ActivatableClassId
– ThreadingModel
– ActivatableClass (ActivatableClassId attribute)
Here’s an example of the output XML:
<extension category=”Microsoft.Windows.ActivatableClass”>
<activatableClass activatableClassId=”Fabrikam.MyClass” threadingModel=”sta” />

You need to enable debugging on the Personal Trainer app.
Which JavaScript project properties should you set? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution Choose all that apply.)

A.    Set Allow Local Network Loopback to No.
B.    Set Debugger Type to Script Only.
C.    Set Debugger Type to Managed Only.
D.    Set Debugger to launch to Local Machine.

Answer: BD
B: Choose one of these debuggers from the Debugger Type list:
– Script Only
Debug JavaScript code in your app. Managed code and native code are ignored.
D: Choose one of these options from the Debugger to launch list:
– Local Machine
– Simulator
– Remote Machine

Case Study – Scenario 2 (QUESTION 17 – QUESTION 32)
You are developing a Windows Store app by using JavaScript.
The app is named Getting Around.
The app will use geo-location to provide location-aware assistance to people who are traveling. Users will record audio information about locations.
Full and trial versions of the app will be available from the Windows Store.
The feature name of the full version will be gettingAround.
The trial version will be valid for 30 days.
Business Requirements
The Getting Around app must meet the following business requirements:
– Track the user’s current location in accordance with the Windows Certification guidelines for devices and sensors.
– Notify the user about upcoming obstacles.
– Ensure that the user can play, pause, and stop audio recordings.
– Ensure that the user can listen to recordings on Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)-compatible headphones.
Technical Requirements
The Getting Around app must meet the following technical requirements:
– Connect to the Internet.
– Use the device’s sensors to detect the user’s location.
– Every 15 minutes, poll an obstacles database that is stored in the cloud.
– Send messages about upcoming obstacles to the lock screen of the user’s device as soon as an obstacle is detected.
– Enable the user to save the most recently recorded location information on the device by using a DataCompositeValue object.
– Enable retrieval of audio recordings from a cloud server.
– Headphones, when connected, must use the Play To technology. The PlayTo control that is used for streaming is named aplayer and is in the HTML file that is used by the player.js file.
To assist with diagnostics and monitoring, the app must do the following:
– Place an audit log that will track touch events on the user’s device.
– Store the audit log in the user’s localSettings object.
– Ensure that the audit log can be sent by email to the support desk if the user is having problems.
The app must support the following hardware requirements:
– Windows 8
– Microphone and speakers
– Internet connection
– DLNA-compatible hearing device (optional)
While testing the app, you establish the following:
– The app fails to detect the location on some devices.
– When connectivity is lost, access to the obstacle data is not available.

You need to retrieve and register a DLNA-compatible device.
Which code segment should you insert at line PL16?

A.    var player = Windows.Media=Devices.AudioDeviceController ( );
B.    var player = Windows.Media.Devices.DLNADeviceController ( );
C.    var player = Windows-Media,PlayTo.PlayToManager.getForCurrentView( );
player. addsventListener(“sourcerequested”, sourceRequestHandler, false);
D.    var player = Windows.Media.PlayTo.PlayToManager.showPlayToUI ( );
player-addEventListener(“sourcerequested”, sourceRequestHandler, false);

Answer: C

You need to handle the location-detection problem.
What should you do?

A.    Insert a try statement immediately after line LO05 and a catch block immediately before
line LO09. Handle the exception in the catch block.
B.    Insert an else statement immediately before line LO09.
In the else statement, display a notification that the device does not support location.
C.    At line LO08, change the positionchanged argument to statuschanged.
D.    At line LO06, change the Geolocator class to locator.

Answer: B

You need to implement the audit log.
Which object should you use?

A.    Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.current.localSettings
B.    Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.current.roamingFolder
C.    Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.current.temporaryFolder
D.    Windows.Storage.AppllcationData.current.temporarySettings

Answer: A

You need to ensure that the lock screen access configuration meets the requirements.
Which code segment should you insert at line BG05?

A.    if (result = =
B.    if (result = =
C.    if (result ! =
D.    if (result ! =

Answer: A

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