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A technician is configuring a student laptop, and the network administrator requires it to be statically configured. The technician successfully pings the servers by IP but cannot ping by UNC Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

C. Gateway
D. IP address

Answer: B

Static addressing was replaced with dynamic addressing during network maintenance. Following the maintenance, multiple users began reporting connectivity issues. A technician sees the following when checking the address assignments on a user’s workstation:
IP address
The technician attempts to run commands that will force the PC to request a new IP address, but the technician receives the same address. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A. Run the command ipconfig /flushdns to force the PC to use the DNS server for its next request.
B. Switch the PC to the wireless network to get the users back to work.
C. Replace the network cable from the PC to the wall jack.
D. Check the DHCP server to ensure the scope is large enough for all users.

Answer: A

A user reports trouble with the network connection on a workstation. The user was initially able to receive emails but received an error when trying to send messages. The user is able to authenticate to the domain successfully and can see data in the network shares. Which of the following should the user perform FIRST when trying to resolve this issue?

A. Update the NIC drivers
B. Assign a static IP address
C. Change the DNS servers.
D. Check the SMTP server.

Answer: D

Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of an IPv4 subnet mask?

A. It defines where network and host bits exist
B. It is used to find the default gateway on a LAN
C. It gives users the ability to send and receive data.
D. It allows the ability, when needed, to bridge subnets.

Answer: A

Which of the following wireless networking protocols operates on the 5GHz band and provides data rates in excess of 750Mbps?

A. 802.11a
B. 802.11ac
C. 802.11b
D. 802.11g
E. 802.11n

Answer: B

A laser primer is consistently having Issues picking up paper from me tray as the print is initiated. There are no problems with print quality. Which of the following parts should be replaced FIRST?

A. The fuser
B. The tray assembly
C. The toner
D. The rollers

Answer: B

A user experiences a paper jam when printing a 500-page, double-sided report. A technician …. then powers the printers off and back on. The printer’s LCD display says it is ready, and all cables are securely connected, The user attempts to print the report again, but the printer still does not print……. troubleshooting steps should the technician attempt FIRST?

A. Replace the drum and loner for the printer.
B. Remove the printer memory and reseat it in the socket.
C. Disassemble the printer body and look for further paper jams.
D. Restart the print spooler service and inspect the queue.
E. Try reinstalling the print driver tor the printer

Answer: B

Which of the following interfaces uses DB9 and DB25 connectors?

A. RS-232

Answer: A

A workstation’s RAM is being upgraded to 24GB. The system has six RAM slots supporting DDR4 dual-channel, with a maximum of 32GB total system memory. Which of the following configurations will maximize system performance?

A. Two 4GB DDR4 chips and one 16GB DDR4 chip
B. Two 8GB DDR4 chips and one 8GB DDR4 chips
C. Four 8GB DDR2 chips
D. Six 4GB DDR4 chips

Answer: D

A technician finishes building a custom gaming computer When the system is turned on, however, all the fans spin and the LEDs light up on the motherboard, but the system does not POST and the monitor remains blank. Which of the following did the technician fail to conned to the motherboard?

A. SATA signal cable
B. CPU power cable
C. Power LED
D. Motherboard power cable

Answer: B

A customer reports being unable to access email on desktop workstation, however, other office application are working. A technician determines the computer has an IP address of The technician learns from the customer that the computer recently was moved across the room. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should technician take NEXT?

A. Check the default gateway
B. Verify physical Ethernet connections
C. Test web browser functional
D. Restrict the computer
E. Resolve the IP address conflict

Answer: E

Which of the following protocols operates without a port number assignment?


Answer: B

A user purchased a new laptop that has a built-in display.
VGA connector, and DisplayPort connector.
When working at the office, the user only wants an extended desktop to display on two external analog monitors. Which of the following is required?

A. A VGA to HDMI converter
B. A male-female VGA extension cable
C. A DisplayPort to VGA adapter
D. A powered VGA splitter box

Answer: D

A user is experiencing slow performance on a workstation. A technician Investigates and speculates the performance issue is being caused by an excessive number of background services running at startup. The technician troubleshoots the issue, and then finds and disables many services that have been running at startup. Next, the technician informs the user the remediation is complete. The following morning, the technician receives a call from the same user reporting performance is still slow.
Which of the following troubleshooting steps did the technician MOST likely fall to complete?

A. Establish a theory of probable cause.
B. Identify the problem.
C. Verify full system functionality.
D. Document findings, actions, and outcomes.

Answer: A

A small business owner with a limited budget wants to host a company website and ERP applications in the cloud.
Which of the following would be the BEST cloud model to accomplish this task?

A. DaaS
B. laaS
C. PaaS
D. SaaS

Answer: C

Which of the following is a type of reversible connector?

A. RJ45
B. Molex

Answer: A

A user, who recently switched offices, calls the help desk regarding the speed of network applications.
A technician determines the user is only connected at 100Mb, but a 1Gb network card is already present.
Which of the following is the MOST likely reason why the user is unable to connect beyond 100Mb speeds?

A. The PC is assigned a static IP address that is in the wrong VLAN.
B. The user is connected via wired and wireless connections, but the PC is using the wireless connection.
C. The user’s patch cord Is a Cat 5 cable and needs to be replaced with a Cat 5e cable.
D. The PC is connected through a UPS line conditioner and needs to be connected directly.

Answer: C

Using cloud-based servers is an example of:

A. PaaS.
B. DBaaS.
C. laaS.
D. SaaS.

Answer: C

A technician is replacing the monitor on a PC. The new monitor has the same screen resolution as the previous one, but it is a different model. When the new monitor is turned on, the icons are displayed very largely.
Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to troubleshoot issue.?

A. Restart the desktop.
B. Replace the VGA cable
C. Replace the video card.
D. Update the video drivers

Answer: D

A developer wants 10 be able to run a virtual machine on a desktop for application testing.
Which of the following should a technician Implement to complete this request?

B. Thin client
C. Remote desktop
D. Type 2 hypervisor

Answer: D

Joe. a user, would like to share an internet connection with his roommates, but he wants to ensure access to Ms data is protected.
Which of the following is the BEST solution?

A. Configure a guest network.
B. Configure IP blacklisting.
C. Configure MAC filtering.
D. Configure a network DMZ.

Answer: A

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